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About live contractor:

Live Contractor Locator has made it really easy to find a contractor within your closest vicinity by just a few taps. The Contractors working within your locality will be blinking on the map shown in the LCL app.

Moreover, you will be provided by the options to contact these contractors as well. It is equally feasible app for for the contractors as they can get back to back construction work in the same area and within less time. LCL app provides effective viable features both for the constructor and the service seekers.

App Features

Search Jobs:

Contractors can search the places that are in need of the construction and can contact them after reviewing their budget.

Rate card:

Rate cards comprising of the rates of services offered by the contractors are displayed in their profile like a menu card.

In-App Messages:

Create a continuous link among construction seekers and contractors as construction finger can reach the contractors via In-App messages and get responses of their messages.

Post Jobs:

People in need of construction can post the jobs that will be shown to the interested contractors.

Reviews and Ratings:

Construction-seekers can see the reviews and ratings of a contractor before hiring it.

User friendly Interface:

The application comes with a user-friendly interface that ensures simple installation, adherence to standards and easy navigation.


Radclyffe Tracey

Regardless of my proficiency in construction I was not getting enough work, but by using LCL app I got many new projects and satisfies customers.

Gib Camden

This app is amazing… great work guys. Hats off!

Buster Frank

Searching contractors is more tiring now, because of LCL application that has made things easy

Lena Steele

Customer service is great. I am satisfied with their response time.