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Thank you for visiting  our page, the Live Contractor Locator App is down at the moment for maintenance but will be available soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Because of our ongoing problems with the server and  app registration every customer that download the app will receive a one year free subscription to use the app when the app will bee live again. 

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Imagine a world, where you can get the contractors on you fingertips and you don't have to go anywhere to find them." Contractor" is the first word that comes to your mind whenever you have a really big household project, be it house painting, adding a room, landscaping,exterior or interior designing,plumbing and so forth.

Live Contractor Locator is a powerful application that is especially designed for the people who are in need of a contractor within their vicinity plus for the contractors searching for work.It has shrunk the gap between the contractors and the service finders.By using this app, contractors  can easily locate the places that are in need of a construction process,likewise the homeowners can also get professional contractors by just a few key taps. This application is a brainchild of our diehard efforts and dedicated team who followed the ideology that we believe in,to provide convenience for the people in making the right choice while looking for contractors and to offer prosperous opportunities for the proficient contractors  who are not getting the work they deserve.

The idea for making such an amazing application started with a simple question: How can the traditional norms of commerce in the contractor business could be revitalized: keeping at par with the latest changing trends & technological advancements? 

Serving customers for over 20 years now we have always strive for the very best of our community. Our philosophy  has always been to make homes with quality, loyalty, longevity, integrity and versatility instead of focusing on construct comprising of bricks and stones, and Live Contractor Locator fruitfully enhances our prospective, being equally beneficial for the service finders as well as other contractors.

So whether you are a contractor or a service seeker, Live Contractor Locator is the perfect application for you to get your desired outcomes. Register now to get started.

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Live Contractor Locator has made it really easy to find a contractor within your closest vicinity by just a few taps. The contractors working within your locality will be blinking on the map shown in the LCL app. 

Moreover, you will be provided by the options to contact these contractors as well. It is equally feasible app for the contractors as they can get back to back construction work in the same area and within less time. LCL app provides effective viable features both for the contractor and the service seekers.

App Features

  • Search Job

Also you can find jobs on the app that are displayed with a house logo and you can call the customer direct from the app for information about that job.

  • Post jobs

People in need of construction can post the job that will be shown to the interested contractors and they can call you for estimates.

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