For Contractors

Live Contract Locator offers numerous functions to customize your work profile, making it more available and prominent for the service finders and allowing them to see complete information about the contractor of their choice.

The important features of the Live Contract Locator app include:

Punch IN/OUT screen

This feature will appear on the dashboard page. It will make you available on Google Map and you can easily set your status ON/OFF citing whether you are available for work or not, just by toggling the in/out punch.

In-App Messages

In-App messages creates a 24/7 link between the service seekers and the contractors, as the potential customers can easily contact you any time if they are interested in hiring you. Likewise, you can also respond to their messages by replying to them


Just like social network websites, Live Contract Locator also shows a ‘notification’ icon on the dashboard. By tapping it, you can have a check on the actions performed on your profile such as, the new In-App messages, the replies to existing In-App thread, new ratings and reviews by the customers, subscription payment due or processed and so on.


There are a number of services provided by different contractors.A few contractors specialize in plumbing tasks, some work for interior or exterior designing services, while others can exclusively offer more than a single service. You can mention the service in the Rate-Card that you are offering, so that only the customers that are interested in your mentioned services will contact you. Moreover, you are allowed to mention your service rates per hour that will help the service seekers to get an insight into your services and their rates.

Review and Ratings:

Just like the ratings of any movie or software on the websites, this application invites customers to rate your services as per their likings so you can view your rankings based on customer reviews. This feature advocates your credibility and assists service finders in making up their mind to hire you or not.

Search jobs

The unwaged contractors can find work by just a few taps. With Search Jobs feature, they can find out the buildings (displayed with a ‘house’ icon in the search results) that are looking for the contractors. The search results will be displayed the same way on the Google Map, within the vicinity.

Daniel Petrean